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Door fittings as an important component of the door

Door Fittings

Door fittings: Today, interior doors perform many functions, including aesthetic ones, allowing you to emphasize the individuality of style. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an interior door, all sides must be taken into account. It must be not only functional but also beautiful.

To choose the right door, it is necessary to consider the minor details; often, accessories are not given due attention. And low-quality hardware on a high-quality door is an absurd combination.

In addition, these seemingly insignificant objects severely affect the service life of the door itself. Hinges, locks, handles, seals – how high their quality will depend on how long they serve you.

Door Fittings
Door Fittings

Door Locks

Their task is obvious – to close the door if necessary. Over the long period of use of interior doors, many modifications of locks of various types and types have been created, differing both in design and in style. Any buyer will find an option here to their liking.

Most often, in the case of European-style doors, you can find a lever key, toilet latch, and cylinder or, if the European names remain, Patent, WC, and Yale. There are many finishes for these locks, but matte and shiny chrome and brass are leading the list.

Recently, a fashionable trend has appeared to put toilet latches on the doors in the bathroom and other rooms. The toilet latch device allows you to open the door from the outside with a simple coin. Thus, if someone becomes ill, then they will not have to break the door.

Door Hinges

The hinges attach the interior door slab to the frame and provide free rotation around the axis. They must meet several requirements. First of all, the possibility of their spontaneous opening and closing, as well as noises and squeaks, should be excluded.

There are two main types of loops that are actively used today. These are classic and universal hinges.

The circular plane of classic hinges makes it easier to lubricate. They have a simple structure and are composed of two parts. Depending on how they are installed, the side into which the door will open will also differ. They can also be installed in plain sight or hidden.

The latter is installed at the top and bottom of the slab, which at the same time allows you to make the door reversible. That is, it will open in both directions. They look more attractive, but in this case, you need to take those canvases that do not have a quarter.

The standard buttonhole color should be the same as the handle. Brass has proven themselves the best. They do not change color and are resistant to damage. Unlike coated products, they have a long lifespan and maintain their superior appearance over time. And modern care products allow to ensure their shine and preserve it for a long time. Thanks to many simply excellent characteristics, brass is the leader in the list of metals used for the manufacture of accessories.

Door Levers

The selection of these fittings must be treated very carefully since it is on the door handles that the gaze falls first. The form and the style of execution are also important here, which ideally emphasize the room’s overall tone.

A correctly chosen handle will help decorate and highlight the dignity of the door in the best way. The variety of models allows you to make the right choice. But on the other hand, such an abundance of goods makes it difficult to make the right choice.

A few tips will help you decide which handle will best fit your interior.

Firstly, color is significant. It should be in harmony with the color scheme of the room and other accessories and should also emphasize and match the design of the door itself. Even if the handle you choose looks excellent, it is best to hold it in your hands before making your final selection. After all, you will have to touch this object every day and several times, so tactile sensations are significant. They should be the decisive factor here. If you are unpleasant to hold it in your hands, switch to other models.

It would be best if you also inquired about the manufacturer. Most often, the choice stops on brass handles, which are decorated with various inserts. This metal combines qualities such as elasticity and strength. The material allows you to make handles of any size and shape while maintaining all the design nuances. At the same time, with the help of special processing, it is possible to achieve high strength of the products.

The handle can be either solid or hollow. Several protective layers are applied to the metal, which can be up to 10. High-quality handles will not darken or peel off. To prolong the life of your doors and preserve the appearance of the hardware, do not clean the handles with abrasive sponges or wipe them with solvents.

Door Sealing

This element will help improve sound insulation. But only if it is installed correctly. As a standard, it is installed at the factory it is placed around the entire box perimeter.

In addition, if the door is made of high quality, then the seal will help keep the heat inside and reduce the amount of dust that gets there. Plus, the door will close more smoothly, without an unpleasant blow. Seals also come in different shapes and colors.

Door Glass

Glass inserted into the door has only one function – decorative. Plus, it helps to achieve more illumination of dark corridors. There are many types of this material, there are colored and transparent, matte, simple, smooth and patterned, hardened, with sandblasted pattern and colored inserts.

The choice of a specific type depends on the design of the door. The glass insert’s appearance and its quality are critical, since thanks to them, the door design becomes bright and original. However, it is worth clarifying that reasonable glass costs a lot.

At the same time, if you insert glass and have children at home, it is best to opt for tempered glass, which disintegrates into round granules upon impact, or triplex glasses attached to the film.