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Advantages of magnetic locks for interior doors

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Magnetic locks for interior doors are a new generation of fittings that immediately became popular. And it is no coincidence: it has a good margin of safety – it is designed for 200 thousand opening-closing cycles, it looks attractive, and can be installed on any door. This article is based on reviews of those who already use magnetic locks for interior doors and share their experience.

Magnetic Locks NYC For Sale
Magnetic Locks NYC For Sale

What is a magnetic lock on an interior door

According to the principle of operation, the interior door magnetic lock is considered passive. For comparison: active electromagnetic locks are placed on the front doors of houses, warehouses, or offices. The work from the electricity network.
Magnetic locks on the interior doors come in different types – they differ in the way they open. There are locks with magnetic cards, just latches or models for bathrooms with snaps.

To close the door with a magnetic latch, it is enough to close or push it. When the latch is aligned with the bar on the jamb, the tongue will pop out under the action of the magnetic field. It will lock into the bar and will hold the door closed.

Advantages of magnetic locks

Thematic forums are full of reviews of those who have installed magnetic locks. Here are some of the benefits people are seeing.

  • Magnetic locks have no protruding parts
  • The door snaps softly into place – no effort required
  • You can install a magnetic lock on any door. And it doesn’t matter which way it opens.
  • Silent operation – especially for those with small children
  • Durability
  • The lock will work even if the door leaf is deformed and a gap forms between the lock and the door frame.

Experts recommend purchasing magnetic latches along with the door, so that later you do not have to adjust the old lock in place.