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Modern Interior Doors in New York City

Modern Interior Doors in New York City

The modern world is dynamic and constantly changing. The construction and furniture industry keeps up with the times – it does not stay away from fashionable innovations and trends. Manufacturers and sellers are actively updating the product range, presenting products from new materials made using innovative technologies to the consumer.

Modern Interior Doors in New York City
Modern Interior Doors in New York City

Modern interior doors, with practically unchanged design and purpose, are an integral part of the interior. Slabs, frames, fittings – the main components of the door can be ascetically simple, as well as highly artistic with aristocratic conservatism and unusual, sometimes surprising and delightful decor – for example, imitation of a “broken surface.” Exclusive, unique design, exquisite decor bring beauty in details, creating an aura of extravagance and charm. Clear lines, no-frills, as a proof of individuality, will change and transform your room in no time.

Interior door in modern style

The usual interior doors of solid coniferous wood compete with modern products covered with bleached oak veneer and rosewood. Designers currently offer various chipboard, MDF, and fiberboard in a harmonious combination with multiple types of plastic, glass, light aluminum, triplex (black, transparent, matte), emphasizing the modern style. A piece of the Middle Ages in your home is a door with an insert of film stained glass, as well as the use of compositions using tiffany technology, fusing. A very fashionable and promising method of glass processing is matting (sandblasting).

Modern sliding doors, floating in the air, lightweight, weightless – glass. They can be of unusual color, transparent, matte, and made at the customer’s request. Light veneer doors are replacing expensive types of wood. Designers are trying to get rid of standard solutions to go beyond conventions.

Marine style on the door slab

 Innovations in the field of original solutions are interior doors with 3D technology based on the effect of open doors leading you to the forest or a strawberry meadow. The cover is a transparent lens-shaped material that creates the feeling of expanded space.

Coming up with expressive forms, the creators use, along with the traditional material, unusual – animal skin and artificial leatherette or a thin layer of slate (stone veneer), which make the door slabs original and exclusive.

An unusual choice of door designs – “transformers” that transform into a staircase to the second floor or a tennis table for the game. Doors “by height” for children’s rooms or “invisible,” which are entirely hidden in the wall, being its continuation, and are used as fully functional shelves for books, as well as a picture and panels. Such unusual, stylish products will surprise guests with their unexpected appearance and transformation into a door.

Stylish doors of the Doors & More company will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of beauty and style. The variety of products offered, fast service, and selection will be provided by experienced specialists and professionals in their field.

The rapid rhythm of modern life determines constructivism and laconic design of interior doors.