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Wooden Entrance Doors – Prestige And Wealth Choice

Wooden Entrance Doors 1

The streets of our cities are decorated with ancient buildings – masterpieces of architecture with beautiful wooden entrance doors. Of course, not all of them have survived to this day in their original state, some were replaced with new ones, while others were restored, but there are those who “remember” their first owners. Made from high-quality material and technically correctly, they serve for many decades and more than one generation. Combined with quality fittings, solid wood doors are an indicator of the prestige and wealth of homeowners.

Wooden Entrance Doors
Wooden Entrance Doors

Entrance wooden doors

Today, wood is being replaced by modern, cheaper materials, surpassing wooden structures in specific indicators, but they are not equal in beauty, respectability, and environmental friendliness!

A wooden entrance door reliably retains heat, provides sound insulation, and emphasizes the overall style of the building’s facade. Unlike a metal exterior door, it is lightweight, easily decorated, restored, and upholstered. The material makes it possible to embody all the most extraordinary fantasies of the customer.

Design features of wooden entrance doors

  • an array of dense tree species (oak, ash, walnut, mahogany);
  • panel doors are represented by structures made of solid (wood-particle boards) and hollow panels (filled with heat and sound-insulating material) lined with wood on top;
  • metal inserts (layers) for the entire area of ​​the wooden slab. The design preserves the ideal geometry, impact, and burglary resistance.
  • Technical nuances
  • the thickness of the slab should not be less than 2 inches;
  • a multi-stage paint and varnish coating is used for outdoor work;
  • are completed with special fittings: reliable, increased security locks, in the amount of two pieces with different designs, door closers, reinforced door hinge options, the presence of hermetic seals, at the request of the customer with automation and security systems.

Manufacturing options

By the number of slabs, they are distinguished:

  • single-slab (mainly installed in apartments and houses);
  • bivalve (widely used in office buildings to move furniture, equipment);
  • multi-slab (suitable for wide doorways).

According to the method of opening, there are mostly swing ones, and there are several options for sliding structures (folding, sliding, telescopic, radius).

By the type of door slab, entrance doors can be: blind, with stained-glass and glass inserts (matte, sun-protection, energy-saving), with forged elements, carving.

According to the shape of the slab, rectangular and, less often, arched structures are distinguished.

When purchasing entrance doors made of natural wood, it is necessary to consider where and how they will be installed. They are not recommended for rooms with high humidity. Correct installation guarantees standard functionality and the long life of the entire product and fittings.