Should I Buy Vinyl Or Wooden Windows?

Wooden Windows

Vinyl windows

At one time, vinyl windows have taken a strong position in the American market – they perfectly protect the premises of the house from noise and cold, are environmentally friendly and look very nice. It would seem that wooden windows remained on the sidelines of history. But this is not at all the case: modern technologies make it possible to create durable, warm and beautiful solutions from natural wood with double-glazed windows, which in many respects are not inferior to their vinyl competitiors – and in some they are quite capable of surpassing them.

What kind of windows should you choose: classic, pleasant to look and feel made of wood, or simple, functional and more affordable vinyl ones?

vinyl windows

Practical and cheap

Vinyl windows have a number of advantages that made their popularity over the past ten years. Firstly, as everyone knows, vinyl windows perfectly protect the room from the cold and street sounds, and these, especially in big cities, are invaluable qualities. Secondly, unlike wood, plastic does not burn and does not require special care, which will also be a plus for practical and budget-saving people. And finally, plastic is much cheaper than wood. In addition, contrary to popular belief, vinyl windows do not emit toxic substances and do not harm the environment: they are made from polymers safe for humans, which are also durable.

However, plastic products have some drawbacks, in particular, such windows do not “breathe” – unlike wooden ones, they are completely sealed and do not allow moisture or cold to pass through. Also, not everyone likes their appearance. Of course, plastic can be painted to imitate wood, but it will not replace real wood, and is unlikely to create that special feeling of comfort that only natural materials can give.

Classics in a modern arrangement

Wooden windows. many inhabitants of stuffy megacities dream of window openings made of real wood, tired of endless stone, glass and concrete. Perhaps it is the desire to return to nature, to feel its closeness that became the reason for the emergence of a fashion for natural wood.

wooden windows

Glued laminated timber is used in the manufacture of wooden windows. Which does not have natural defects, and therefore ensures the durability and strength of the structure. Such products are able to withstand large temperature changes, they do not swell from moisture and do not crack. In addition, wooden windows with double-glazed glass perfectly keep the temperature in the room and isolate it from sounds.

Wooden solutions, unlike plastic ones, have a wide variety of shapes and designs. It is possible to make both simple double-leaf windows and complex, multilayered windows in the old style from wood.

However, wooden windows also have disadvantages. As a rule, they are much more expensive than plastic ones. This is due to the fact that wood requires painstaking processing in a carpentry workshop, as well as a more gentle installation. In addition, wood is still not as durable as plastic. Over time, it will lose its original appearance and will require replacement.