Steel Entry Doors Care & Maintenance

Metal Entry Doors

Steel entrance doors are one of the main and first style indicators of your home. And, like other interior items, they need proper care and maintenance. Correct use of doors significantly increases their service life and, hence, paid repair is usually not required. Professionally installed steel entry doors need minimal care during the operation.

Metal Entry Doors

Door Care Recommendations

Proper door care consists of the following rules:

  • It is necessary to check the condition of the surface of the slab, hinges, locks and other elements from time to time;
  • Twice a year, all moving elements, such as lock bolts, cylinders, door hinges and other mechanisms, should be lubricated (WD-40 or machine oil can be used for lubrication);
  • The door slab and door molding must be cleaned and wiped with a microfiber cloth, previously soaked in a slightly diluted soap solution. Then the door is wiped with a damp cloth and left to dry completely or wiped with a dry cloth;
  • It is prohibited to use aggressive chemicals and abrasive cleaning agents for cleaning doors, and door maintenance is not recommended if the air temperature is below + 40 ° F;
  • It is advisable to wipe the hardware of metal doors with a soft dry cloth;
  • The visible fastening screws must be tightened with a screwdriver every three months;

If any defects or breakdowns occur during operation, you should immediately contact your service department. The company where the door was bought will fix everything under warranty.

“Don’ts” For Entry Door Maintenance

During the operation and maintenance of the metal door, it is prohibited:

  • The use of chlorine-containing substances, acetone and a solvent, so that the finish of the iron doors does not become cloudy and does not lose color;
  • In order not to disable the door handles, you must not exert strong pressure on them;
  • Use keys not made in authorized service centers;
  • Apply additional pressure to the wrench with auxiliary tools.
  • In the process of repair and construction work, the following rules should be observed:
  • Close the door leaf with a dense plastic wrap, securing it with tape without touching the finishing materials, make holes in the locations of the locking mechanism crossbars and cut holes for the handles;
  • Eliminate the possibility of dirt getting into the locking mechanism;

After all repair and construction work, it is necessary to remove the protective film and wash the door with warm water from construction dust and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth.

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