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colored front doors

The color palette of entrance door coatings is becoming wider every year. Such a riot of colors will confuse anyone. In order not to get lost in the motley assortment of tones and halftones, follow a few simple rules.

The color scheme of the building facade

Combine the door of a private house or cottage with the facade of the building, and the apartment door with the finishing of the entrance.

So, a brick building will look advantageous with a brown or dark gray door, and a light wall will be successfully emphasized by a dark coating.

Decoration of the adjacent territory

The front door is a significant part of the exterior design. To correctly fit the exterior decoration into the design of the adjacent territory, try to combine the door with the available accessories (forged parts, fence, bench, swing) or landscape.

Entrance area lighting

Changes in lighting throughout the day can affect the color of the finish. Be prepared for the fact that in the rays of the sun the door will not look exactly the same as in the light of an evening lamp.

Features of operation

The light finish is easily and often dirty. Pets or harsh weather can contribute to this. You can reduce the risks by choosing a door with a dark slab.

And if you’re looking for a white door, check out the stain and moisture resistant polyester powder coatings.


Does your soul require creativity and unusual design solutions? Look for finishes in natural wood, faux stone, or vibrant colors. Such a door will not go unnoticed and will catch admiring glances for a long time.

If the house is, first of all, a “fortress” for you, a neutral design in black, gray, brown and dark blue shades will come in handy.

Front door interior trim color

It is the entry door that will most often be in front of your eyes. For an accurate match, start from the color of the interior doors, moldings, window frames and furniture in the hallway.

It’s okay if you failed to combine the entrance door with the floor or furniture; skirting boards and trims to match will help bring harmony to the interior.

Let’s consider specific options:

Black entry door

Suitable for both light and dark interiors, in the latter version, think over the lighting of the room in advance so that the room does not look gloomy.

black entry door

Brown entry door

Warm woody tones complemented by furniture or floor tones create a relaxed home atmosphere.

brown entry door

Gray entry door

A practical option to hide possible scratches and dirt. Combine with a high-tech or modern room and enjoy the result.

gray entry door

White or beige front door

This finish looks modern and cozy at the same time. Light colors of the front door will give the interior of the hallway freshness and cleanliness. But maintaining this very cleanliness can be problematic.

beige entry door
white entry door

Hallway features

Small dark hallways are the problem, not uncommon, but solvable. What door will “save” your corridor?

Cramped space

As a rule, the hallway is a cramped, crowded room. But this is not a problem either. You can visually increase the space by placing a light door with a mirror.

A white beige door will help to visually enlarge the hallway, and slabs treated with gloss will add “air” to the room.

Dark hallway

When choosing an entrance door to a dark hallway, be guided by the main color in which the hall is sustained. Daredevils are invited to play with contrasts. Combine a white door with furniture and accessories and enjoy a stylish modern design.

Bright hallway

The owners of a bright hallway have a slightly larger selection of options. A dark door can be a good accent that attracts attention, and a light finish will visually enlarge the room.


  • When choosing, start from the type of premises: private house or apartment
  • Don’t forget to consider façade elements, landscape and lighting.
  • Consider the color of interior doors and furniture in the hallway
  • A dark and cramped room will be “saved” by a white door with mirrored inserts
  • And the light corridor will fit both dark noble and modern light shades of decoration.