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Front Door Installation DIY

Entrance doors are a crucial element of room security and protection from outside intrusion. But the reliability of the door structure depends not only directly on the material from which it is made. But also on the correctness of its installation. The fact is that there were times when thieves could not break the door and took it out along with the frame. And this is possible only in case of incorrect installation, so let’s figure out how to avoid mistakes.

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entry door problems

How To Avoid Common Entry Doors Problems

Today the owners of apartments and private houses most often install steel entry doors. The structures look impressive, are highly durable and have a long service life. However, during operation, problems may arise associated with improper installation, poor quality or hardware wearing off. In this article we will tell you about the most common entry doors issues and how to avoid them.

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door dimensions measurment

Why use a measuring service before ordering a front door?

Measuring services for the installation of an entrance door, as a rule, are included in the standard price list of the door sales company. It is unlikely that you will have to specifically look for a measurer from somewhere else. Many people have a question: “Why do we need this measurer at all?” The work is quite simple and all measurements can be carried out independently. Indeed, carrying out measurements as such, no special skills are required, only an assembly tape, attentiveness, and accuracy.

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