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How To Avoid Common Entry Doors Problems

entry door problems

Today the owners of apartments and private houses most often install steel entry doors. The structures look impressive, are highly durable and have a long service life. However, during operation, problems may arise associated with improper installation, poor quality or hardware wearing off. In this article we will tell you about the most common entry doors issues and how to avoid them.

entry door problems
entry door problems

The most common problems with metal entrance doors

Entry door lock breakdown

Many people face this annoying problem. The locking mechanism does not close at all or it just wedges when used. A defect often occurs due to incorrect installation of the door structure, deformation of the slab, wearing off or an attempt to break the lock. 

If you identify this problem, you should not try to solve it yourself. It is better to call a master with experience and the presence of special tools. Only a specialist will determine what is the cause of the breakdown, and will be able to repair or replace it with a new lock, if nothing can be fixed.

squeaky door handle
squeaky door handle

Skewed door slab

Misalignment is most often the result of improper door installation. The structure begins to touch the floor and does not fit the doorway. In this case, it is worth calling the specialist. The troubleshooting method depends on the cause of the problem. In most cases, dismantling and new installation of the slab is required. 

Coating Damage

Steel entry doors can become covered with mechanical damage – scratches, chips during prolonged use or attempted burglary. If the defects are small, you can get rid of them yourself. If the damage is significant, you will have to completely change the coating, again with the help of a professional.

Hinge looseness  

Looseness of the door hinges is evidenced by an unpleasant creak and difficulty in closing/opening the door. When they loosen, the slab sags, creating such problems. If the hinges are adjustable, you can tighten them yourself, restoring the even position of the structure.

To eliminate the grinding noise, it is enough to simply clean and lubricate the door hinges. If all these manipulations did not help, it is worth contacting a specialist. If the hinges are badly worn out, they will have to be replaced altogether.

Door draft, noise and odor insulation

This happens when a gap appears between the door slab and the seal, through which air enters the apartment. The best way to fix the problem is to replace the sealing strip. Easy to install as it is self-adhesive.

It is important to check that the door slab is not skewed during replacement. Otherwise, the protection functions will be reduced, the tape will not fit tightly to the structure.

How to avoid problems with steel entry doors?

The following recommendations of specialists will help to prevent the occurrence of problems during the operation of entrance metal doors:

  • buy a model only from well-known proven manufacturers with a good reputation;
  • when purchasing a door, ask the seller for a quality certificate, which every self-respecting manufacturer has;
  • observe during operation all the requirements prescribed by the company that manufactured the structure;
  • to hire exclusively experienced professionals to install the door, it is better in the same company where the goods were bought;
  • adhere to the standard rules for using the product.
  • The last point includes the following tips:
  • If you need to keep the door open for a long time, do not apply bricks or boards to it, this can lead to deformation of the metal sheet. For this purpose, there are special devices – a door closer with fixation or a persistent “leg” with a rubber tip.
  • In winter, remove snow and ice on the doorstep, otherwise it will interfere with tight closure and create a load on the frame, hinges, reducing their service life.
  • Do not allow children to ride on doors.
  • Do not slam the canvas strongly, especially if the structure is heavy, due to which the impact force increases significantly. This contributes to the loosening of the hinges , deformation of the frame , damage to the locks .
  • Lubricate door hinges at least once a year.

It is important to eliminate defects in a timely manner in order to comfortably use the door, prevent drafts and not provide intruders with an unnecessary opportunity to enter your apartment or private house.

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