White Entry Door Lock

Reliable Door Lock – Symbol Of Your House Security

The front door is the “border” between the street and private property, which not everyone is allowed to cross.
The door protects the room from external influences – prying eyes, uninvited guests, intruders and weather conditions. Therefore, it must be durable, high-quality, and attractive. Equally important is the door lock, it is he who makes the front door inaccessible to strangers.

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Open A Door Without A Key

How To Open A Door Lock Without A Key

When we go out for a walk, to the store or just to take out the trash, we lock the front door. A spare key is usually left at home because one set is enough to get into the apartment. However, it happens that the door is slammed when you are already outside, and the keys are in the hallway. This situation requires opening the door lock.

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Door Lever New York

Door lever – the final touch in the design of your home

You’ve come to the end of your project and you’re thinking about those final touches that matter.
You may have new interior doors or just want to update the door levers on existing doors. The same goes for front doors, closet doors, wardrobe doors, and of course your main front door in the house.
Here at DoorsPlusWindows, we can meet all your door handle requests simply and within your budget.

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