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Door hardware: color, style and material

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The choice of fittings for the door is a responsible matter, because the functionality and service life of the entire structure depend on it, and in addition, its aesthetics. What matters is the material, style and color scheme of door hinges, handles, locks, decorative overlays on the cylinder and other details.

Door hardware

Door fittings are most often plastic, brass or steel. The product may have a decorative coating.

The most popular is brass, which is famous for its strength and ductility, and handles and other details of any size and shape can be cast from it. This alloy is resistant to corrosion, and after polishing with special pastes it acquires a beautiful sheen. Brass hinges do not change their color when chemically treated, unlike similar coated products. In order for the product to be resistant to mechanical damage, temperature and humidity, a special surface treatment is performed.

Style and color of door fittings

The style of fittings is determined by the desire of the customer. If this is the front door, many owners tend to choose the simplest and most modest details for it, so as not to attract the attention of guests with luxurious decor. And if we are talking about interior design, here the choice of elements depends on your taste and imagination.

The color palette is quite wide. These are matte and glossy chrome, brass, bronze, gold, stainless steel, etc. As a rule, the shade is chosen a little lighter or darker than the door itself, but in the same tone.

The hinges must match the color of the door handle. And that, in turn, is with furniture, and if not exactly, then at least have a similar shade. Some like contrasting handles, others like the same shade as the slab.

The door lock should fit into the style of the interior, be combined in color and decor with other elements. The color of the lining on the key hole, which performs a decorative role, is chosen so that the lining stands out clearly against the background of the door slab. The contrast hole is easy to see and makes it easier to open the lock. There is also an opposite approach – the overlay for the key hole is selected not in contrast, but in the same tone as the slab. So be guided by your taste.

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