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Glass Entry Doors For Private Houses


Private house homeowners have an opportunity to arrange the exterior and interior design according to their own taste, down to the smallest detail. In this case, they have to pay attention not only to the aesthetic, but also to the functional characteristics of each element.

The glass entry door for a private house should perform several important functions at once:

  • provide reliable protection against unauthorized entry;
  • keep warm inside the house;
  • decorate the facade.

Although aesthetic characteristics are in the last place on this list, they cannot be considered insignificant. A blank door slab, even trimmed with decorative panels, gives the house a harsh and inhospitable look.

There are other arguments in favor of entry doors with glass inserts:

  • translucent doors make the hallway more comfortable, make it possible to place plants;
  • using natural light, you can save on electricity for lighting;
  • being in the house, you can see who is going to visit you;
  • through the door you can watch what is happening on the street, look after the children walking in the yard.

Many private house owners like glazed front doors, but are unsure of their reliability. Some manufacturers equip double-glazed windows with decorative grilles that protect the glazed opening, but there is another solution. Modern glass processing technologies make it possible to create double-glazed windows that are not inferior in strength to metal. A specially designed construction with a glazed slab will be no less reliable than an all-metal door. The glass insert is mounted without the slightest gaps, it cannot be hooked, reached or squeezed out. 

Glass inserts used for street entrance doors are made of shockproof triplexes or armored glass. Manufacturers can use glass with special properties. For example, reflective, then from the outside it will not be visible what is happening behind the front door. However, in this case, the light on the porch should be on at night, otherwise the opposite effect will work – the house will be visible from the outside, and from the inside the street will seem like a dark spot.

When choosing entrance doors for a private house, you should take into account the special requirements associated with the operating conditions. Large windows and glazed doors came to us from southern states, where there is no winter cold. New technologies make it possible to increase the glazing area without heat loss, but only if the manufacturer pays proper attention to this issue. Entrance metal doors are mainly intended for installation inside apartment buildings. This implies that they will be in a fairly dry room without sudden temperature changes.

Some owners of country houses are faced with the unpleasant situation when, in winter, condensation begins to form on the inside of the door, and the door literally “cries”. This is due to the fact that insufficiently insulated door slab is cooled to the dew point temperature. And if appropriate measures are not taken, the door will simply rot in a few seasons. To create a more favorable temperature regime, sometimes two doors are installed at once, forming a small vestibule. This prevents the formation of condensation, but the main advantage of the glazed front door is lost – light transmission.


It may seem that choosing a metal door that is really suitable for a private house is a very difficult task, but in reality it is not. Steel doors sold at Doors & More with a fusion glass unit from the famous American and European factories fully meet all the requirements:

Reliability. The level of burglary resistance corresponds to the first security class. Reliable locks are installed.

Excellent thermal insulation. Highly efficient energy-saving material is used for insulation.

Durability. Only high quality materials are used, additional anti-corrosion protection is provided specifically for outdoor use in cold, damp climates.

Aesthetics. Decorating with decorative panels makes it possible to choose a design for any stylistic design of the facade.

Ease of use. Built-in blinds allow you to control the level of illumination and visibility of the interior.